Food Companies & Farmers

We are offering a wide range of services for food companies and farmers working in the Organic Sector:

  • Consulting for Organic Food Companies and Farmers (We help food companies and farmers to adapt to the minimum requirements for the production of Organic Food by incorporating all necessary changes into the production line, Quality Management Systems (ISO 22000) and ofcourse at farm level. We provide continuous screening of the National and EU Legislation for Organic Farming and Food, informing clients for amendements and future amendements in time to make all necessary changes. This service is also provided in a subscription basis, where we notify subscribers with periodical e-mail campaigns)
  • Certification Services depending on the target market (Organic Standards vary a lot around the World. We help food companies and producers to pick the right standard for the right purpose and to adapt in the best possible way to these requirements)
  • Technical training services for food companies’ personnel and producers’ networks (tailor made training programs for Organic Production, Organic Farming ethics & principles, ISO 22000 requirements, GAP, other training programs on demand)
  • Second party audits for producers and processors (The audits are carried out by highly experienced personel using the same standards the official Certification Bodies do – meaning ISO 19011. This service provides the best guarrantee for food companies and exporters by knowing that their procurers fully comply with the National and EU Legislation. The customer recieves a copy of the audit report and the suggestions of the auditor in case of non-conformities)
  • Networking and research for suppliers (fresh and processed organic food, organic food additives and processing aids, feed and feeding stuff, etc)
  • Labelling Control (We check the prerequisites according to National and EU Food Legislation for both organic and conventional products and we take the responsibility for the right use of logos, product information and claims). We also handle the creative work for the labels.
  • Set up of organic farmers’ groups (We consult and monitor organic farmers’ groups by drafting fertilization and pest control programs, nutrition and health management programs, etc)
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