Carbon Footprinting

Ds ConsultingDS Consulting provides product carbon footprinting services  and prepares companies for validation against the PAS 2050.

Consumer awarness over the environmental impact of goods and services is now higher than ever and legislation in many Countries is redirected to be in line with the conservation of the environment. This new trend leads to the reduction of GreenHouse Gas emmissions.

Why do I need to calculate the Carbon Footprint of my products or services?

Calculating the Carbon Footprint of a product or a service, enables a company to have a very thorough and consistent view of its energy consumption across the supply chain. Carbon Footprinting is a corporate tool to identify cost saving potential and provides reliable information to make planning and investment decisions more efficient and safe.

Why would I need Verification?

Verifying a carbon footprinting project gives the opportunity to a company to communicate a credible, confident and positive external message for its products or services. Public awareness about environmental issues is continuously rising and consumers are willing to choose a product bearing a clear positive environmental message over another which has no such claims. Many companies worldwide are already planing their product lines towards this direction. Moreover certification (external verification) enables a company to develop a successful, long-term and economically competitive relationship with its suppliers. Finally, more and more companies are demanding suppliers to provide certification as proof of their corporate social responsibility. Carbon Footprint reduction is considered to be the future in product and services’ certification.


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