Organic veg boxes by TESCO

discount_tags_tescoTESCO the biggest retailer in UK made recently a rather unespected business move. They started delivering fresh organic produce under the Soil & Seed trademark. The service is currently available only for the greater London area and if all turns out well the company is expected to offer the service to other UK major cities. This act could be interpreted as an answer to a new turn from the consumer side towards healthier and more environmentally friendly agricultural products.

The organic fruit and vegetable box service is available since the end of 2012 and TESCO currently uses its own logistics’ system. The organic boxes are being delivered 7 days per week, prior to a 24 hour purchase order.

Supermarkets are in the heart of the Food Market since they receive information from both producers and consumers. This is exactly why they show good reflexes towards any new trend or consumer behavior change.

Nutritional behavior is in a state of change throughout Europe as a consequence of the huge impact of the economic crisis. The former nutrition model that lasted over a decade is strongly disputed whilst consumers now aim at products that represent the protection of the environment, local production and organic farming. This trend is spreading fast across Europe and the USA and it is verified by the constant growth of the Organic Food Market.

This is actually good news especially for the organic production sector but also for conventional small-scale farming too. This new trend shows that it will strongly support any effort towards greening agricultural production, producing healthy food and local agricultural products.

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