DS Consulting: New partnership with the Innovation Farm

Ds ConsultingDS Consulting and the Innovation Farm join forces in farm development, management and training in agriculture. The cooperation is focusing on the business development for new farms and the re-adaptation of already existing ones. Agricultural sector seems like a safe haven against the ongoing economic crisis and the fast rise of unemployment. It certainly is a solution for covering a family’s needs in food but when it comes down to business, something different is needed. Producing food in a globalized market and within an extremely competitive European Union needs a different approach. Farming in Greece lacks innovation, environmental care, technological improvement and many other elements which are already mainstream in other countries. Our goal is to offer this kind of development to the Greek farmers, new and old.

A few words about the Innovation Farm…

This different kind of “farm” from Thessalonike, active in Greece and abroad since January 2010, supports offer and demand for new innovative ideas with customised services. These include empowerment of business startups, business re-dapting, intellectual property management and more. Innovation Farm from the very beginning of its foundation, actively encourages experiential training offering “food for thought” as well as practice. Its goal is to support sustainable development and freeing entrepreneurship from stereotypes. As the “Innovation Farmers” say, do you have a crazy idea? do you want to make things happen? Join the Farm…


Innovative actions and services


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