IFOAM presents the Global Organic Mark

The worldwide Organic Movement revises after six years of discussion its Organic Guarantee System. Key elements of that reform are the so called “Family of Standards”, a list of organic good practices standards, and the Global Organic Mark. IFOAM has published the new logos.

The Organic Guarantee System (OGS) reform of the worldwide Organic Movement has been decided a few months ago by the IFOAM ‘s global membership with 93% positive votes. IFOAM takes the lead in coordinating the diversity of organic standards. The so-called Family of Standards provides a list of both private organic standards and governments’ organic regulations that the Organic Movement accepts as being truly organic, based on IFOAM ‘s Standards Requirements. Through “the Family”, IFOAM draws a clear line between organic and non organic.

In the future, consumers will recognize the Global Organic Mark on organic products, says IFOAM ‘s press release. The mark can be used by farmers and the organic processing and trade industry if they fulfill the demanding production requirements of the Organic Movement.

The new Organic Guarantee System contains even more services: An off-the-shelf organic certification standard (the IFOAM Standard) facilitates standard development. Accreditation of certification bodies help the clients in their operations and help them achieve public recognition of their credibility. Last but not least, the OGS recognizes standard leaders that are spearheading the development of especially advanced organic practices.

“We are launching a new era” says Katherine DiMetteo, IFOAM President. “The Family of Standards and the Global Organic Mark are outstanding milestones in the history of the Organic Movement. Now, the stakeholders in the market have to recognize the huge potentials of these new tools”.

More information at www.ifoam.org

The new Global Organic Mark offered to operators

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