DS Consulting first Greek company registered at Carbon Trust

Ds ConsultingDS Consulting is the first Greek company to be registered as a Consultancy for Carbon Footprinting projects at Carbon Trust. DS as an authorised carbon footprint delivery partner, is developing Carbon Footprinting projects for Products and Services against the PAS 2050 Standard. Carbon Trust is among the World’s leading companies in carbon footprinting certification.

Consumer awareness over environmental issues is rapidly rising and the social responsibility of any company can be well demonstrated by actually reducing the CO2 emissions of its products or services. Carbon reduction under the Carbon Trust certification scheme means that the Company is committed to perform all necessary changes to achieve such a goal. Carbon Footprinting is a powerful marketing tool for any Company that produces consumer goods or services while it prooves the devotion of the company towards the protection of the environment and consumers do take this information seriously.

DS Consulting is dedicated to provide any new service that will have a proven substancial benefit for our business partners. Carbon Footprinting with DS Consulting and certification with Carbon Trust will enhance any company’s reputation and status.

Learn more about the new service by visiting the following page www.dsorganic.com/services/carbon-footprinting-services/

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