Regulatory Framework in EU

Organic Farming in EU is governed by Regulation (EC) 834/2007 which lays down a new legal framework for organic products. It sets out the objectives and principles applicable to this type of production and illustrates the rules on production, labelling, controls and trade with third countries. Regulation 834/2007 entered into application on 1 January 2009, replacing the old Regulation 2092/91 for Organic Farming.


The framework established by this Regulation governs:

  • agricultural products (of plant and animal origin), either processed or unprocessed and intended for human consumption;
  • animal feed;
  • vegetative propagating material and seed used for crops;
  • yeasts used as food or feed;
  • aquaculture products.

This Regulation contains the basic objectives and general principles for organic farming. The objectives focus on sustainable agriculture and production quality, which must meet consumers’ needs. The general principles concern, inter alia, specific production methods, the use of natural resources and stringent restrictions on synthetic chemical inputs. Furthermore, the Regulation lays down specific principles concerning farming, the processing of organic food and organic animal feed, the Control System and imports from Third Countries.

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