Organic Events Worldwide

This page is presenting the most important repeated events for Organic Farming and Organic Products Worldwide, focusing mainly in the European Union. The events are listed by Country and will be updated every year or whenever a change arises.


There are hundreds of Organic Fairs but we have tried to pick out only those that actually have international interest. Special presentation has been made for Biofach Fairs worldwide since they are currently the most significant trade events for the Organic Sector. Once we get more information about other regional events regarding other Countries (not listed here), we shall include them in the “directory”. For each Fair there is a link with the website of the organizer (English versions).

Greek Fairs & Events in 2011 French Fairs & Events in 2011 Italian Fairs & Events in 2011 German Fairs & Events in 2011 British Fairs & Events in 2011 International Fairs & Events in 2011

In due time we shall be able to provide information about other regular events as well,  such as Congresses and Seminars and list even more Countries.

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