7th PCF World Summit in Berlin

Consumption of goods and services contributes to a large share of worldwide GHG emissions. Solutions are needed to help companies manage and communicate the climate and environmental impact of their products. They are also needed to provide consumers with the necessary information to make climate-conscious consumption decisions.

The PCF World Forum organizes the 7th Product Carbon Footprint World Summit in Berlin, April 17-18, 2012 focusing on the topic: “From Environmental Footprinting to Implementation: Renewable Energy in the Value Chain

The Summit is dedicated to better understanding status and prospects of using and communicating about renewable energy and natural resources in products and value chains, measures taken or planned by many companies in their pursuit to lower the climate and environmental impact of their value chains. A close look at international developments in carbon and environmental footprinting will as always also be part of the Summit agenda.

Day 1, 17 April 2012 will focus on Environmental Footprinting: Updates, Product/Sector Rules, Business Leverage
The Summit will take a close look at the current reality and perspectives of carbon and environmental footprinting for products and value chains — with a particular emphasis on: a) efforts for building product category and sector rules for the comparable quantification of environmental impacts and b) leveraging the benefit of carbon and environmental footprinting in companies.

Day 2, 18 April 2012 will expore Renewable Energy in Products and Value Chains
Building resilient, low carbon, low impact value chains often comes down to the quantity and quality of energy used, which is reflected in ambitious renewable energy targets in companies. Building renewable value chains itself however poses challenges, which we will explore on Day 2 of the PCF World Summit, and discuss in relation to environmental footprinting.

For further information and registration, please visit the World Summit’s respective webpages.

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) World Forum is a neutral platform to share practical experiences and knowledge towards climate-conscious consumption and production. The international platform provides orientation in current standardisation processes and creates opportunities for discussing international corporate best practices and emerging tools to support low carbon and climate-conscious consumption models.

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