“Pig Business” – The true cost of cheap meat

Pig Business is a documentary that shows the rise of the factory farms in the USA and the spread of the industrial model into Europe. As we follow filmmaker Tracy Worcester from the giant pig factories in Poland to the sausages on British supermarket shelves, we hear from the individuals affected by this growing industry. We meet migrant workers and the small farmers they replace, find communities overshadowed by giant farms and hear from those affected by air and water pollution.

The Pig Business charts the four year investigation by actress and eco-campaigner Tracy Worcester into the industrialization of pig farming. The film opens in the UK, where she discovers how supermarkets labels are an unreliable guide to telling consumers how and where their pork has been produced. She takes us on a journey to the USA, Brazil and Poland to the offices of corporate leaders, European bureaucrats and Banks whose policies have resulted in mass demonstrations in all four countries. The Pig Business investigates how giant pig companies have pioneered a farming system which harms consumers, damages the global environment and pushes traditional farmers out of business. The film shows how with the support of EU funding, former communist counties have now become the launch pad enabling food multinationals to break into the European market. Tracy Worcester confronts several corporate executives and witnesses how economic competition rules over compassion and common sense. Featuring interviews with Robert Kennedy Jr, and leading politicians, this grown up film will change the way we think about food and farming.

Jamie Oliver commented on the film by saying: “I never truly realised the appalling extent to which pigs – intelligent animals – were treated in certain parts of the world. I think we as meat-eaters have a responsibility to treat the animals we farm well. I think Pig Business is an extremely important programme”.

For more info, visit the official documentary website: www.PigBusiness.co.uk

or watch the film at http://www.pigbusiness.co.uk/the_film/

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