Open Consultation for the Impact Assessment on the “CAP towards 2020” proposals

As part of the preparation of legislative proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013, scheduled for mid-2011, the European Commission Services solicit input from interested parties to complete the diagnosis and exploration of options for reform outlined in the Communication “Meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future” and in the consultation document for the impact assessment.

The European Commission organised an extensive public debate earlier in 2010 that concluded with a conference in July 2010 and the European Council discussed the reform during four successive Presidencies. The future CAP is expected to contain a greener and more  equitably distributed first pillar and a second pillar focussing more on  competitiveness and  innovation,  climate change and the  environment. In broad terms, the views expressed recommended the following strategic aims:
  • To preserve the food production potential on a sustainable basis throughout the EU, so as to guarantee long-term  food security for European citizens and  to contribute  to growing world food demand, expected by FAO to increase by 70% by 2050.
  • To support farming communities that provide the European citizens with quality, value and diversity of food produced sustainably, in line with our environmental, water, animal health and welfare, plant health and public health requirements.
  • To maintain viable rural communities, for whom farming is an important economic activity creating local  employment; this delivers multiple economic, social, environmental and territorial benefits. A significant reduction in local production would also have implications with regards to greenhouse gases (GHG), characteristic local landscapes as well as more limited choice for the consumer.

The Consultation is open until 25th January 2011. Contributions can be submitted through the electronic form (questionnaire) to be filled on the consultation webpage:

The Impact Assessment will take into account the contributions to the consultation. Relevant elements will be integrated in the Impact Assessment report and a chapter will be dedicated to the consultation process, main results and participants. The report is foreseen for the summer 2011. For regularly updated information on progress of the Impact Assessment exercise, one may consult the CAP post-2013 webpage:

Reference document

Commission Communication “The CAP towards 2020: Meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future”

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